Our Process

Connect As a Buyer

Study our friendly site to see if you would like to join our Exquisite Family who brings Hope through our Pups.
Open a Buyer's Account.

  1. Click SignUp/Login
  2. Click New Account
  3. Add your:
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  4. Click – I agree to the terms (read terms beforehand if you like before clicking that you agree)
  5. Click – Create Account
  6. Congratulations on your account is created.

Click the icon next to your name (Top right corner)

  1. Set up Stripe Account
  2. Click – Connect Stripe
  3. Enter where you would like your proceeds to be deposited or withdrawn from– (No details are saved in our system)
  4. Account Holder Name
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Paw Surfing

Take your time browsing our available puppies. Our puppy concierges work professionally with each breeder and answer any questions you may have


Please fill out this buy questionnaire as we study each one to ensure we place the right pup with your family. (There are no wrong or right answers. This helps you just to think about things and the responsibility of having a pup. We are looking out for your best interest).

Pay via Stripe

Once you are happy with your puppy search it becomes time to secure your payment process. Go to your Stripe account! (Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard) You may place a deposit if the puppy is less than 7 weeks of age, otherwise, payment in full is required before arrangements can be made to get your new furry friend to you and your family.

The Adoption Process

The breeder spends time knowing your family by reviewing your questionnaire and decides to accept or decline your adoption request. Once the approval is completed with a YES, The fun begins!

Pick Up or Travel Plans

You are welcome to visit our travel page if you're interested in either air, ground, or cargo transportation. We set up travel arrangements where prices vary. If you're in the same city where you purchased your pup, then we'll make arrangements for pick up and drop off.

No Robot or Scam Check

There are many scams out there and we do take time to verify your identity as we will not release any pup that has traveled through ground, air, or cargo to a stranger. As we travel with your new fur baby, we are in constant contact with you to ensure that he or she is in the safest hands possible. Have fun preparing for your new pup's arrival. Clothing if you like, blankets, whatever you'd like to welcome him or her home for the first time. Each pup comes with its birth certificate and paperwork. You must sign a transfer of ownership form to solidify the entire transaction. Oh! Get ready to say cheese! Every pup is required to take a picture in the arms of their new owner or family.

Head to Tail Veterinary Exam

All Pups of Hope Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and meet weight requirements based on the dog type. To travel, puppies must have up-to-date immunizations, pass a vet exam, and obtain a health certificate. We want each puppy to be as healthy as possible when they go to their new homes.