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About Us

We go out of our way to give your puppy the greatest possible start!

From our hearts to yours, it is critical that you understand that we take every precaution to guarantee that your puppy is in the best possible health before it gets in your house. With that in mind, we require that every puppy undergo a fecal test, a physical checkup, be dewormed, and have all of their vaccinations up to date. When you acquire your new fur baby, we ask that you confirm with your veterinarian that your puppy is in good health within three days of arrival. If your puppy is going across the United States, we also demand a health certificate from a certified veterinarian, as well as rabies vaccinations if necessary, based on the puppy's age at the time of travel and your state requirements.


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We match trustworthy breeders with trustworthy customers, reducing stress, frauds, and dishonest transactions.

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Our breeders club receives exclusive offers for many of your puppy needs.


"A puppy will come into your life, steal your heart, teach you what unconditional love looks like, and change everything."

- Netreia Carroll

Need Pet Financing.

Puppies' adorable faces have a way of capturing our hearts. That is why we have options for puppy loans. Our goal is to ensure that it is both easy and economical! See what kinds of payment options we have available.

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