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close-up on a Basenji dog, isolated on white

Germaine Donaldson

Border Terrier, 2013


Introducing Luna, an adorable and playful Labrador Retriever puppy with a heart full of mischief and charm. With her silky black coat and bright, expressive eyes, Luna captures the attention of everyone she meets. Despite her small size, she's bursting with energy and curiosity, always ready for a new adventure. Whether she's chasing her tail in the backyard or cuddling up for a nap on the couch, Luna brings joy and laughter wherever she goes. Her gentle demeanor and affectionate nature make her a beloved companion for families of all ages. With each wag of her tail and affectionate lick, Luna steals the hearts of those around her, proving that even the tiniest of paws can leave a big impression.


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